bald woman

big lipped boy

quiet boy


red haired lady

head n' box

man with big hair


A gloriously sunny day has enticed me to take the new camera for a spin, testing out the all-seeing electro eye on a series of paintings created for a 'pre-Christmas show'... a fine offering of assorted artistic wares, hosted at the lovely Galerie Pangee.

These three paintings belong to a family (dis figuratively) of nine...the others will follow soon. Gotta pace myself...and give y'all a reason to come back.


ol' tube nose

organ spill

tube-eyed robot


The NEA Project...

Happy New Year folks!

I've taken a bit of a break from the robot over the past month, savoring the holiday cheer and keeping the pen to the paper. But alas, time to hop back up on the saddle, and usher in the new one with some digital styles.

These latest are a series of hand/Photoshop produced images I've created in collaboration with Ingried Boussaroque, a musician based out of Montreal. Ingried approached me to design some illustrations for The NEA Project--"Nelly and the Sweet Factory", her latest effort, a rich musical blend of electronic/gypsy/ambient sounds. Ultimately, these images will be used in future animations/VJ experiments, as part of a live, multimedia performance.

For more info on the project check out www.theneaproject.com or www.myspace.com/theneaproject