a series of faces I created for a book some time ago...a 'flipbook' of sorts, where cuts in the page allowed the reader to mix n' match the the various features, and in doing so, create a seemingly endless variety of new characters.

the following post is the product of a little time on my hands this evening...an experimental animation based on these images, entitled FLIPBooK.


smoking head...

In homage to my pal Tim Barnard (a man most decidedly worth a google if you've not already done so)...some experiments with the "sharpee" on white tees. The following images (with a fifth to come, as soon as it's washed) were all created on route to Winnipeg, or the way back to Montreal, via Via Rail. The ride was a tad bit on the side of bumpy, so time was taken to steady the hand carefully, however, given the six days round trip, time was both on my hands and undoubtedly on my side.

Drop me a note if you're interested in gettin' yer own, while quantities last, or at least as long as they still make magic markers!

And James, thanks for the motivation.

cool days at the moon cabin...(for Colin)

windy girl

orange blossoms (for Mika)