Been cooking up tons of good stuff lately, but sadly, little has seen the pages of this blog.  

As always, much is cooking on the EN MASSE front, having just wrapped up two projects in the last couple of days.  Go to this great place for more deets and pretty pictures...good times had by all.

On the personal front, many experiments brewing in the studio, both on the coffee table home-front (with special thanks to Mika and Sebastian for putting up with dad's laboratory of cut up character confetti...read big mess), and at the studio.  I'll be sure to post some of those creations soon.  A 200lb plaster sculpture found its way into the mix somehow as well.

Also, I'm excited to announce  Galerie Pangee has invited me to participate in this years Extreme Painting exhibition, taking the form of a solo show of PAINTINGS (yes--color!).  The show, entitled "Last Minute", will be mounted on July 7, 2010, with a vernissage on the next night.  Details will follow asap, but for now, I'll post a couple of related images...works in progress from the studio.