two men

That just about does the trick for the "blotto" series...not much to say about these guys other than the fact that they bring me great joy in their creation. I believe the process make me smarter as well, or at least more emotionally stable.

I've been painting like a mad man this week, preparing some work for an upcoming group show at the Galerie Pangee (Old Montreal). I'll post some details (and pics!) as the show nears...very soon...but needless to say, I've got head-to-the-canvas-syndrome in a serious way right now. Plus a big smile on the face.

heart head

ugly eye

cat head



kanji man

Havin' fun with these guys...

frog or man...


rorshcach sorts...


a city in man

meeting of many heads

A meditation on the previous drawing..."orbs with leaf from the park"...this time with faces flipped upside down.

some thoughts

Been a bit of a hectic week folks…managed to slide only a couple of images through the all-seeing eye of “the scanner”. I know…I won’t let it happen again.

Some comments on the last image posted, “orbs with leaf from the park”…again, another image inspired by a nocturnal adventure, which I embarked upon a few weeks ago. I won’t go through the details…don’t quite know how to make sense of them myself. Highlighted in the story was a man “mirrored”, his personality split and different in it’s reflection. The shining orbs were there as well. The dream image faded out on a man falling from the sky, with his head attached upside down, and his dismembered arms reaching up for him from the horizon.

The leaf (or at least the drawing of) came from the park across the street, in the form of a gift from my son Sebastian.


orbs with leaf from the park

blinded bull


body parts


reversible feed tubes

These last two are from a dream I had a little while back. This image was in the dream, although on a much larger scale, with enormous detail in layer and depth. I stood viewing the drawing with a friend; at which point I asked who had made the image. He replied that I had been the creator, some time ago. Apparently, I’d forgotten.

Often I’ll dream of images in this way. At times, they are “my” drawings…and at other times, they will be the works of “others”, which I’ll find myself in complete fascination of. Upon waking, I’m left feeling “I wish I’d painted that one…till I realize these images belong to me…so to speak.

I make point of putting these images on paper in the days following the dream. Many of the drawings on this blog are the outpouring of these nocturnal games.

“Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living. “

Anais Nin

drawing of a dream (version two)

drawing of a dream...


untitled 3


from the pen of Lawren Harris

"Art is the beginning of vision, that there is a logic of ecstasy, and that this higher logic is the only one worthy of consideration, that it contains complete corroboration of all the loftiest aspirations of men.... Art is the beginning of vision into the realm of eternal life"