This show is coming up right around the corner...this coming week in fact! I'll be offering up a piece or two through Galerie Pangee, and am looking forward to what should be a pretty interesting collection of works on paper ( I can vouch for the medium whole-heartedly!).

"For the second consecutive year, the Contemporary Art Galleries Association (AGAC) will be presenting the Montreal fair PAPIER 08, from October 23 to 26, 2008. This fair dedicated to art on paper, the only one of its kind in the country, will be open to the public from noon to 6pm and entrance will be free of charge."

For more info...http://www.agac.qc.ca/papier?lang=en

Of other interest, this is a show coming up at Galerie Pangee in a couple of days. This guy is a pretty interesting cat, with enormous talent in both the visual and musical arts (a quick google search oughta net a good haul for more info on the man, or check out the sidebar link to Pangee). Promises to be a good one!


some images from the coming show...enjoy


Ha! After arduous months of steady procrastination, mixed with a healthy dose of work 'over-load' in the studio (show prep), I've finally completed my first 'official' commission for a t-shirt, drawn ever so carefully by hand with the good ol' sharpee.

The crow/raven is an image which has been coming up on semi-regular occasion within my work, especially the new drawings for "(trans)formations". Not only a remarkable, heartily feathered friend, but long held symbol of a winged messenger, embodying creative and spiritual strength. Nice singing voice to boot.

Thanks Nancy!

In other news, or to address the lack of news (as updates haven't been coming fast and furiously lately, primarily caused by astral misalignment amongst other factors), things have been going well. Despite the 'silence', I assure you all that the work continues steadily, with much to reveal after the curtains have been drawn back come mid November. Something to look forward to...a pre-Christmas 'treat' of sorts.

More details to follow soon, however, in the meantime, I'll be sure to freshen up the content a little more often, as per the advice from today's astrological chart (or something).