Been cooking up tons of good stuff lately, but sadly, little has seen the pages of this blog.  

As always, much is cooking on the EN MASSE front, having just wrapped up two projects in the last couple of days.  Go to this great place for more deets and pretty pictures...good times had by all.

On the personal front, many experiments brewing in the studio, both on the coffee table home-front (with special thanks to Mika and Sebastian for putting up with dad's laboratory of cut up character confetti...read big mess), and at the studio.  I'll be sure to post some of those creations soon.  A 200lb plaster sculpture found its way into the mix somehow as well.

Also, I'm excited to announce  Galerie Pangee has invited me to participate in this years Extreme Painting exhibition, taking the form of a solo show of PAINTINGS (yes--color!).  The show, entitled "Last Minute", will be mounted on July 7, 2010, with a vernissage on the next night.  Details will follow asap, but for now, I'll post a couple of related images...works in progress from the studio.



Machine Wash Cold - Tumble Dry Low

One of my drawings was chosen to be part of the 2010 Moniker Designs 3rd annual version of Machine
Wash Cold - Tumble Dry Low.  Having seen the work that's come out of the previous editions of this incredible project created by Katie Green, I'm proud, and a more than a little thrilled to be part of this presentation of limited run hand-printed love.

Some deets from the folks...

May 1st - 5pm - 12pm
May 2nd - 11am - 5pm

Every spring 15 designs are chosen from our ever-expanding local and international artist community for printing.

The 2010/2011 MCW-TDL collection will be printed on a variety of cottonie T and Tank styles for boys and girls alike. There is something for everyone this year (even the kiddies).

The 2010/2011 artists include:

T-shirt Designs:

Josh Gordon
Peru Dyer
Jamie Ross
Eric Clement
Jimmy Baptiste
Marc-Andre (Earthcrusher)
Dave Arnold
Shannon Lea Adolph
Amy Ball
Ellen Smallwood
Julien Del Busso
Conor Virtue
JP King
Danielle N. Simm
Melanie Lefebvre

We’ve decided to add a couple of great extra’s to this years collection as these designs were too good to give up!

All Over Fabric:
Jason Botkin

Tote Bags:
Lulu Galway
Sunny Stone & Gaelle Janvier

Woodblock Prints:
Chris Robertson


OUch!  The absence of late has been caused in part to my recent relocation to a cool, dim, productive little spot under a rock. Many tales to tell, but most of it related to the EN MASSE business.  One might find a good time over at enmasse.info.

In the meantime...a few side projects I've been cookin up in the kitchen...mostly commissions.   My View from the Under the rock...

Some months ago, I was privately commissioned to do an interpretation of the battle on the Plains of Abraham...a very important, albeit brief moment in Canada's history...a struggle that put British interests on top (for better or worse).

General Wolfe on the left, leading the British,  lies dying on the battle field (where he drew his last breath), while General Montcalm mortally wounded on the right, soon follows his adversary.  The battle rages in a cloud of anger, fear, gun-smoke, blood and dead bodies, as the early morning sun watches quietly through the rising column of cloud.

Finally, Montcalm gazes at a nice place to enter.

The shots aren't that great, taken in my studio, but they give the general impression.



20 images x 20 seconds x come to be inspired !
Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

doors open @ 19:40
presentations start @ 20:20

SAT [Société des arts technologiques]
1195 Saint-Laurent
5 $

Pecha Kucha is a Japanese phrase that means ‘the sound of conversation’ or ‘chit chat’ and it’s a mix of show-and-tell, open-mike night and happy hour. It was originally conceived by architects in Japan who wanted an informal forum for creative people to meet, network, and share ideas without the danger of a designer run amuck with PowerPoint and microphone. So the format allows each presenter 20 images shown for just 20 seconds each, without control of ‘forward’ or ‘back, please,’ making for a concise, 6 minutes and 40 seconds of fame for each of 8-10 presenters. Since 2003, the concept has spread virally to over 135 cities around the world.

more info and show line-up at:




a louer

This is a project I completed recently, for "a louer", or in english, 'for rent'. The directors of this venture are approaching vacant commercial spaces, notably in areas needing a little love, as was the case with this particular window. With the will participation of the landowner, artists are commissioned to do a window installation in order to attract attention to the space, beautify the area, and make folks on the street happy. The works come down once the space is rented.

This window was a beast for a couple of reasons...not only was the pane on the left broken and held tenuously together by strips of duct tape, but it had been covered in spray paint and wheat-paste posters in the year and half since it had been rented. Nadine and I scrubbed/scrapped the windows for some time, and when clean, glued sheets of plexiglass directly to the front and back of the broken window to prevent this thing from exploding on some innocent bystander. (we wonder why some spaces don't rent themselves?!)

Hurdle number two was the painting itself. Who knew painting in a window would be so difficult? I'm not thrilled with the results, but overall, was very happy to have participated in the project, and received good response from folks walking by. And for future reference, I now know window painting is not for me. Good to clear that one up.

"a louer", directed by Nadine Faraj and Andre Cornellier, through UMA (La Maison de L'image et de la Photographie).

A small excerpt from their website....

"Le projet À LOUER trouve des espaces commerciaux vides et y installe des œuvres d'art qui y demeurent jusqu'à ce que ces espaces trouvent preneur.

Le quartier est par la même occasion mis en valeur en bonifiant chacun de ces espaces inhabités, tout en donnant une vitrine aux artistes de la relève."

Check out more of this remarkable project, and/or submit an application to UMA/a louer at this link:




A couple of paintings, put together after receiving a very last minute for the La Paria Collective show that recently opened in the Cegep Vieux Montreal gallery. An amazing show of local artists, gathered in one place by Frank Lam and Zema...great hosts, and equally great artists...check out their blogs here:



Never a word of lie

The opening of the Poor Traits show was an amazing, terribly sweaty celebration of an incredible collection of portraits from some of our favorite artists round town!! The show's up till the end of September, so, if you find yourself in the area, don't hesitate to drop by HQ to check this amazing collection of work out.

Check out more of the action at Tyson's HQ blog...


Here's a list of participating artists:

Aya Kakeda
Mimi Traillette
Maryanna Hardy
Eric Braun
Rupert Bottenberg
Jen Storey
Fred Casia
Yana Gorbulsky (Supayana)
Elaine Ho (Roadkill)
Angie Johnson (Norwegian Wood)
Raphaelle bard
Richard Suicide
Fred Caron
Chris Dyer
Richard Rossetto
Kevin Ledo
Tyson Bodnarchuk
James Kerr
Jason Botkin
Billy Mavreas
Mike Giles (Furni)
Judy Lawrence (Miju)
Caro Caron
Jennifer Hamilton
Hazel LaPalme
Foie Jaune
Lisa Czech
Benjamin Deshaies
Vanessa Moore
Neil Doshi
Kathlene Weldon
Edward Maloney
Amy Wong
Celine Caron


this is gonna be sick!

Poor Traits
Portraiture like you've never seen before
(produced by Tyson Bodnarchuk, Jason Botkin, and James Kerr)

Featuring the works of well over twenty emerging and established artists, “Poor Traits” is a playful group show in which each participant was asked to submit a portrait of whomever, or whatever they chose. The only criteria being anything from the shoulders up, and each on a 12x12” pre-prepared panel.

Significantly, this project in its massive accumulation of images, focuses not on the individual visage (by giving each its ‘personal space’), but instead, like a mob of people hung in a salon-styled cluster of panels, these works challenge the viewer to confront the installation as a whole. Only with a little time and patience do the individual faces emerge to tell their tales, till the next character begs for attention. Thus the multifaceted story unfolds as one gets the picture of a of very talented pile of artists having fun. Perhaps somehow reminiscent of a crowd filled nightmare, we assure you, this show will undoubtedly be far, far away from a bad dream. Bring your blankey just in case.

Aya Kakeda
Mimi Traillette
Eric Braun
Rupert Bottenberg
Maryanna Hardy
Jen Storey
Fred Casia
Yana Gorbulsky (Supayana)
Elaine Ho (Roadkill)
Angie Johnson (Norwegian Wood)
Raphaelle bard
Tyler Rauman
Fred Caron
Richard Rossetto
Stephen Schellenberger
Tyson Bodnarchuk
James Kerr
Jason Botkin
Billy Mavreas
Mike Giles (Furni)
Judy Lawrence (Miju)
Carol Caron
Benjamin Deshaies
+ more

Opening night Saturday, August 22, 2009
6-11 pm

Music by DJ Garry "Hero" Vickers

Headquarters Galerie & Boutique has been ushering in new artistic talent since June 1st 2006. Featuring new artist exhibitions once a month this 2 level galerie/boutique concept store aims to draw out the curious and reward the faithful. New clothing, accessories and home-ware designers are added to the store roster often, and the contents of the store are constantly changing. Focusing on indie designers from around the globe, the mix of art and product design meld in glorious harmony.

For more info please contact Tyson Bodnarchuk or Angie Johnson at:
E-mail: HQgalerieboutique@gmail.com
Phone: 514.678.2923
Store: 1649 rue Amherst, Montreal, QC




After the Beastie Boys canceled their appearance at Osheaga this year (see below), the festival organizers asked the EM crew to put together a 5x10' piece for Adam Yauch (aka MCA), who was recently diagnosed with cancer. This is our get well card, packed with positive vibration, and wishes for speedy recovery!

Tyson Bodnarchuk has a great post on the process found at his Galerie HQ blog...


Including Tyson Bodnarchuk, Fred Caron, Fred Casia (Momunit), Kevin Ledo (surprise guest appearance rockin out the shoe tip!), Raphaele Bard (Dorke), Tim Barnard, Rupert Bottenberg, and myself.

AMazing drawing!!

EN MASSE @ Osheaga

(photos courtesy of Fred Caron...more at following link)

En Masse

EN MASSE - En Masse @ Osheaga 2009

With its debut installation at Galerie Pangée in February, 2009, the EN MASSE collective launched an exciting new element into the Montreal visual arts scene. In an unprecedented force of ink, the artists performed a monumental ‘art jam’ that covered every inch of the gallery’s walls.

28 artists with backgrounds in graffiti, comics, underground design and fine art culminate their talents toward a collective experience of the spontaneous ecstasy of making marks. Brand new to Montreal gallery and museum spaces, EN MASSE is a movable feast of collaborative, improvised creation.

Curated by Jason Botkin, Rupert Bottenberg and Fred Casia, the Osheaga EN MASSE event features a dozen artists performing a large-scale, improvised and site-specific mural to the festival sounds.

Lisa Czech
Tyler Rauman
Raphaele Bard
Gene Pendon
Tyson Bodnarchuk
Rupert Bottenberg
Fred Caron
Jason Botkin
Fred Casia
Krista Bursey
Alaska B
Tim Barnard



some images from a mural that I recently did in the Jimmy Lee offices (within the SID LEE complex...http://www.sidlee.com), playing around with a handful of artists who also participated in the EN MASSE project. Hard to convey a good sense of the space, as the drawings, created using black acrylic paints and brush, wound its way through multiple rooms and halls. Turned out very well, and was undoubtedly for a all, a little too much fun to create.

rupert bottenberg (http://lambiek.net/artists/b/bottenberg_rupert.htm)
raphaele bard (http://lilzukkie.deviantart.com/)
lisa czech (http://lisaczech.blogspot.com/)
tyler rauman (http://www.myneuralart.blogspot.com/)