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Poor Traits
Portraiture like you've never seen before
(produced by Tyson Bodnarchuk, Jason Botkin, and James Kerr)

Featuring the works of well over twenty emerging and established artists, “Poor Traits” is a playful group show in which each participant was asked to submit a portrait of whomever, or whatever they chose. The only criteria being anything from the shoulders up, and each on a 12x12” pre-prepared panel.

Significantly, this project in its massive accumulation of images, focuses not on the individual visage (by giving each its ‘personal space’), but instead, like a mob of people hung in a salon-styled cluster of panels, these works challenge the viewer to confront the installation as a whole. Only with a little time and patience do the individual faces emerge to tell their tales, till the next character begs for attention. Thus the multifaceted story unfolds as one gets the picture of a of very talented pile of artists having fun. Perhaps somehow reminiscent of a crowd filled nightmare, we assure you, this show will undoubtedly be far, far away from a bad dream. Bring your blankey just in case.

Aya Kakeda
Mimi Traillette
Eric Braun
Rupert Bottenberg
Maryanna Hardy
Jen Storey
Fred Casia
Yana Gorbulsky (Supayana)
Elaine Ho (Roadkill)
Angie Johnson (Norwegian Wood)
Raphaelle bard
Tyler Rauman
Fred Caron
Richard Rossetto
Stephen Schellenberger
Tyson Bodnarchuk
James Kerr
Jason Botkin
Billy Mavreas
Mike Giles (Furni)
Judy Lawrence (Miju)
Carol Caron
Benjamin Deshaies
+ more

Opening night Saturday, August 22, 2009
6-11 pm

Music by DJ Garry "Hero" Vickers

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For more info please contact Tyson Bodnarchuk or Angie Johnson at:
E-mail: HQgalerieboutique@gmail.com
Phone: 514.678.2923
Store: 1649 rue Amherst, Montreal, QC


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