Never a word of lie

The opening of the Poor Traits show was an amazing, terribly sweaty celebration of an incredible collection of portraits from some of our favorite artists round town!! The show's up till the end of September, so, if you find yourself in the area, don't hesitate to drop by HQ to check this amazing collection of work out.

Check out more of the action at Tyson's HQ blog...


Here's a list of participating artists:

Aya Kakeda
Mimi Traillette
Maryanna Hardy
Eric Braun
Rupert Bottenberg
Jen Storey
Fred Casia
Yana Gorbulsky (Supayana)
Elaine Ho (Roadkill)
Angie Johnson (Norwegian Wood)
Raphaelle bard
Richard Suicide
Fred Caron
Chris Dyer
Richard Rossetto
Kevin Ledo
Tyson Bodnarchuk
James Kerr
Jason Botkin
Billy Mavreas
Mike Giles (Furni)
Judy Lawrence (Miju)
Caro Caron
Jennifer Hamilton
Hazel LaPalme
Foie Jaune
Lisa Czech
Benjamin Deshaies
Vanessa Moore
Neil Doshi
Kathlene Weldon
Edward Maloney
Amy Wong
Celine Caron

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